How to water your garden in hot and dry weather

How to water your garden during hot, dry weather ?

In hot and dry weather, all plants are stressed, except for cacti and succulents. For some plants, this time can be fatal – but most will survive it after a good rain.

In very hot weather, when the sun is particularly intense, it is best toforget the hose for several reasons. The drops of water on the leaves act like a magnifying glass and they burn in the sun. In extreme heat after watering, a layer forms on the soil surface; this reduces the flow of oxygen to the plant’s roots.

Watering in hot weather encourages roots to grow on the surface of the soil rather than deep into the soil.

The root system also burns and dries out more quickly if watered in hot weather.

How to water plants in hot weather

On hot, sunny days, it is best to water in the shadeuse a watering can instead of a hose and water gently under the roots. In order to prevent a layer of soil from forming on the surface of the ground, it is recommended to water the gardenslightly loosen the soil around the plant. Drip irrigation is also a good solution.

In summer, thewatering must be done early in the morning, before 8 am, and after 6 pm in the evening.

Some gardeners say that it is better to water in the morning, because fungal diseases can develop in soil watered at night. Others, on the other hand, think that water is better absorbed in the evening and penetrates deeper into the soil.

Experienced gardeners recommend do not water the plants with cold water, to avoid thermal shock. Fill a large container with water the day before and let the water warm up in the sun. The optimal watering temperature is between 18 and 22 degrees.

Which plants should be watered first ?

Watering the garden helps keep delicate plants alive, but you have to be careful. It is a good idea to start by determining which plants need to be watered the most. Many annual plants, like petunias, tolerate a slight drought, which for them is better than overwatering.

If you find that your petunias are already very wilted, water them and see how quickly they will recover.

Watering is particularly important for flowering perennials. Mature shrubs and trees should be watered until it rains.

Phlox, large bellflowers and dahlias may need to be watered in hot weather.

The rule of thumb for watering plants in hot weather is as follows. Water generously every few days rather than watering quickly every day. It’s better to pour half of a standard 5-liter watering can Three times a week under a tomato bush than to quickly moisten the soil by watering the entire vegetable garden every day.

Roses should be watered if they begin to show signs of wilting.

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