Create a miniature Zen garden relax with DIY

Create a miniature Zen garden: relax with DIY

The zen gardens are a very good way to find peace and tranquility in longer and stressful days. In the East, having a Zen garden is considered an art that exalts the nature in all its aspects.

A good idea to experience the unique sense of relaxation given by this particular activity is to create a miniature Zen garden. With the DIY, you can create a handy one to place next to your computer, on your windowsill or wherever you want !

What you have
need to create a Zen garden

For create a miniature zen garden with DIY you will need 3 things.

The most important is a tray, like a small fruit box, or the lid of a wooden or plastic box. The second fundamental element is obviously the sand.

In addition to that, you should add to your Zen garden elements of nature, as you like. Generally we use pebbles, shells, moss, but there is no specific limit ! You could finally, choose tobuy a small wooden rake to make drawings on the sand.

to build a miniature Zen garden

Once you are sure you have all the necessary materials, you can proceed to the creation of the Zen garden DIY.

First of all, decorate and paint the base you have chosen. Then, pour the sand abundantly in the box, taking care that it does not come out of the edges when you move your garden.

decorate your Zen garden with natural elements that you have
chosen. Position a few stones in a corner and create a small
green corner with moss. You could also choose a small
Buddha statue, which you can easily find in the

Another great idea to make your little Zen corner really unique is to use colored sand instead of the classic. Finally, if you don’t want to buy the little wooden rake, you can quietly fold a fork, which you can customize as you prefer.

Your turn to play..

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