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How much does the furniture lift rental cost?

There are many packages for the rental of furniture lifts. You can find your happiness from a hundred euros. The best is to book for the shortest possible time.

Here is how to proceed.

Easy moving !

If you are moving in and have limited means, you should take one of the following two packages.

  • The mini package: it costs 135 euros TTC. As its name says, it is intended for (very) small moves. This package will also make you happy if you carry out light renovation works or if you want to move light scenery to shoot a TV program, a commercial or a short film.
  • The 60 minutes package which costs 150 euros TTC. It will allow you to have a furniture lift to place your things in the room located on the third or fourth floor. You will be able to make about ten ascents.

Furniture lift: mid-range packages

For your stairlift rental in Clermont Ferrand you can opt for the mid-range packages. Among them :