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Garden furniture: how to choose a set of garden table and chairs ?

The garden table and chair set has become an indispensable piece of furniture because of its variety of uses. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful days, to relax, to unwind, etc. For this purpose, there are many models and designs of garden table and chairs on the market. This does not favor the selection of this very beneficial garden furniture.

If you are in a quandary, discover here our tips to manage to take a set of table and chairs that match your needs and tastes.

Define your needs

The first important criterion to take into account before you embark on the choice of your furniture hesperide or a set of garden table and chairs is nothing other than your needs. This will allow you to eliminate many uncertainties and will direct you towards a garden furniture adapted to your needs.

As you already know, this furniture can meet all your desires: relaxation, reading, taking meals, outdoor barbecue, etc. Therefore, you must choose this garden furniture considering your activities and the space you have.

If you are an outdoor dining and barbecue enthusiast, a rectangular table with 6, 12 or 18 chairs will suit you perfectly. Just consider family members, guests and your space to determine the number of chairs needed.

On the other hand, a round or square coffee table will be the ideal choice for those who just want to relax and enjoy an aperitif or a cup of coffee. Depending on your needs, the table can be accompanied by 2, 4 or 6 chairs.

In addition, since it’s all about relaxation, you should choose chairs like cushy armchairs or even ottomans, recliners or sunbeds. With this in mind, your choice will tend towards garden furniture.

However, keep in mind that a set of garden table and chairs is intended to enhance an outdoor decoration. So, don’t hesitate to choose a model that enhances your garden decoration, without forgetting to consider the material of manufacture.

Choosing a garden table and chair set by material

Since your garden table and chair set is intended for outdoor use, your furniture will be exposed to the elements. In other words, your garden furniture will be subjected to the pressure of wind, sun and cold. A stairlift must be very durable to maintain its elegance and charm.

Therefore, well before finalizing your choice, think about the quality, strength and durability of the material used for its design. Ask about the maintenance requirements of this equipment.

Depending on the material, you can choose between a set of :

  • Wooden garden table and chairs;
  • Rattan garden table and chairs;
  • Plastic garden table and chairs;
  • Resin garden table and chairs ;
  • Metal garden table and chairs;
  • Aluminum garden table and chairs;
  • Steel garden table and chairs;
  • Wrought iron garden table and chairs.

Don’t hesitate to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each material for outdoor use before making your choice of material.