How much does a Sweet Home stairlift cost?

How much does a stairlift cost ?

Nowadays, many French people choose a stairlift in order to allow people with reduced mobility to move between two levels without much worry. This device is a good alternative for all those who do not have the means to install an elevator or a platform lift at home. Appreciated for its practicality, the stairlift is very popular with French households. But if some people buy it without any problem, others prefer to inquire about its cost before investing their money.

You should know that the price of such a project will be evaluated according to certain elements that we will list below.

Cost of a stairlift: parameters to consider

Estimating the cost of a stair lift is not a simple task. The choice of a stairlift is based on certain criteria related to your needs, the model of the device but also and especially its different functions. People usually buy a stair lift to allow people with limited mobility to move from one level to another.

However, we will see that this equipment is available today in different models to better adapt to the needs of the population in terms of movement.

All these devices that differ in structure, size and function have equally varying costs. Since expertise is needed to make this project a success, it is necessary to choose the right worker to carry it out. Click here to find a craftsman for the’installation of your stair lift.

Cost of a stairlift: the actual estimate

Since its appearance, the stairlift has proven to be the best equipment to allow the elderly to move from one floor to another without any effort. Given its importance, it is essential to evaluate the price of its installation. Even if there are tips and tricks to reduce the cost of such a project, be aware that certain elements such as the price of the device, the remuneration of the installer and the maintenance are always to be taken into consideration.

If the cost of a rolling stairlift varies between 7000 € and 8000 €, you must allow 25 € to 50 €/h for its installation.