Makeup The 8 Most Common Mistakes Of French Women

Makeup: The 8 Most Common Mistakes Made by French Women

Some tips a best friend, a tutorial video and we think we are already experts in makeup. But the mistakes that the French women, famous or not, continue to commit are always the same and most often due to lack of experience.

Obviously, the makeup must help us to enhance facial highlights and application of makeup The wrong way to do it could highlight more flaws in the skin. That’s why it’s important to realize the mistakes you make and then improve. For example, oily skin equals little mascara.

It is enough to persist in making up the eyes with eyeliner if we have only a few minutes at our disposal.

Haste is always a bad advisor ! With a little from experience and calm, you become a real expert without any mistakes.

Let’s discover together the 8 most common mistakes we make in makeup.

1) Eyebrows drawn

After years of eyebrows minimal, almost non-existent, is the return of thick eyebrows, or rather very thick. Even if many women make a face and prefer a more sophisticated look, many make-up brands have launched products for the care and make-up of eyebrows. In fact, in addition to the classic tweezers, they have made pencils and gels to thicken up in a natural way the rare eyebrows after years of improper depilation. When you apply the pencil, you have to recreate the small hatchings that reproduce the hair and pay attention to the tones. To reproduce the perfect shade, you can mix two pencils.

Or you can layer it over a too-hot or too-cold pencil with a setting gel colored the opposite tone. Finally, do not stray too far from the shade of hair, mistake committed even by the beautiful actress Laura Morante.

2) Shades

One of the rules that must be clear is that each product must be shaded. The common mistake of normal shades is limited to the application of eyeliner, but also on other areas of the face. To create a double skin with a foundation, it is mandatory to mark the color from the inside to the outside. For a outline expertly, each line of product, for example powder or blush, should be shaded outwards with a brush. Thus, you highlight the hollow of the cheekbone.

A bad example of contour Italian style it is the one Bianca Balti, in whom the powder covers the entire cheekbone without merging with the complexion.

3) Black line too thick

The return of the fashion of the ’50s for clothes and eye makeup finds the triumph of the black line and the elegant small tail in the air. A makeup that may seem simple to achieve but in reality has some important mistakes. If to the eyeliner we prefer the classic pencil, you must shade the last part with a small brush.

This way, you won’t have the unsightly marble at the end of the eye line. The brush should be the one cut in slanted to form linear shades and precise.

4) Internal black line to the eye

A look very used, especially because it is quick, is to make up with a black pencil the inner hollow of the eye. This makeup doesn’t look good on all women because it’s reduced the eyes and makes the look too hard. As an alternative and to give depth, it is better to dirty only the root eyelashes and leave the rest clean.

This gives the sensuality without taking away the brightness.