10 foods that it is better not to put in the fridge

10+ foods that’it is best not to put in the fridge

Who has never put bread in the fridge ? And tomatoes ? All of us, sooner or later, have involuntarily committed themistake to keep in the fridge these foods (and so many others), convinced to preserve them better and make them last longer.

In reality, there are at least 10 foods that should never be kept in the fridge, but that we usually put there, always certain to slow down their deterioration.

The fact is that we are used to putting them there, and, as we well know, it is difficult to change old habits.

But the reasons why we should never put these foods in the fridge are reasonable, and if we all started avoiding this mistake, we would also avoid wasting food.

And yes, because it is not true that by keeping these foods in the fridge we allow them to keep longer: by putting them in the fridge, we do nothing but spoil them faster ! But what are these foods that “suffer” from the fridge ?

Let’s discover the 10 foods that should never be kept in the fridge, and where, instead, it would be better to keep them !

1.The tomatoes

Tomatoes should never be stored in the refrigerator, even though we are all used to doing so. In the fridge, they lose all their flavor. Low temperatures completely interrupt the ripening process, which is precisely the essential passage for this vegetable to take on its unique, sweet and refreshing flavor.

In addition, the cold of the fridge tends to break the membranes of some fruits and vegetables (let’s consider the tomato as a fruit, even if we usually define it as a vegetable), and makes it mealy and tasteless. So, where to keep the tomatoes ? Very simple, this food retains all its properties if kept in a basket on the table.