Why ceramic tableware is so popular Home Furnishings

Why ceramic tableware is so successful ?

Stoneware was very popular in the 1970s. It is again very popular with consumers. Besides its vintage and rustic style, this type of product has many advantages. It is produced by hand in unique models or in small series by passionate and skilled craftsmen.

They have mastered the ancient know-how and manufacturing techniques of these authentic items. You will certainly be able to buy them from artisans in your city or region.

Ceramic, stoneware or porcelain tableware: a raw appeal

Stoneware is a raw material characterized by its simplicity. It gives your table a rustic charm and an original look. Different models are available on the market with a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Stoneware is in the same family as porcelain. Indeed, it is’acts of’a clay with a high silica content. Firing at 1,300 °C during its manufacture promotes the vitrification of the surface of sandstone. This process is intended to strengthen the robustness of the material.

stoneware is effectively scratch, stain and low impact resistant: it is also possible to clean handmade stoneware plates in a dishwasher. They’re also unlikely to fade over the years. These items can even be used on a daily basis for a chic and country decor at the same time.

Ceramic s’inscribed in the trend of the 70s

In the 1970s, ceramic tableware reached its peak. This style is becoming trendy again, allowing you to create a new look’bring a a vintage touch to your table decor. Handcrafted products meet the highest standards’elsewhere to the desires of’authenticity of the consumers. They are characterized by their small defects such as slight roughness and imperfect shapes. These details are even the charm of ceramic tableware.

They contrast with the perfection of industrial products.

1970’s dinnerware is easily recognizable by its rustic styleôand its natural colors. This style still inspires artisans to create. They have added a few modern touches. Plates, glasses and decanters have cleaner lines and are more modern. This characteristic makes them more elegant without taking anything away from their côrustic tee.

The beauty and quality of ceramic tableware demonstrate an ancestral know-how that endures.

Consume responsibly with handmade ceramics

The handmade ceramic is produced by hand, in small series or in unique models. You can personalize it according to your desires. This way, you have everyday objects that are resistant to scratches’perfectly match your lifestyle and needs.

By placing your order with’a local craftsman, you know the’origin of your tableware. You have a better traceability of raw materials and production process. You support, moreover, the work of the craftsmen while contributing to the dynamism of the economy’local economy.

You also preserve the environment’environment. Your purchase reduces the shipping distance and carbon footprint of your package.