3 tips to restore a chair and make it look like new

3 tips to restore a chair and make it look like new

Say goodbye to wastefulness and say hello to a more economical and ecological life ! Today, we’ll show you three ways to bring your old chair back to life. Instead of throwing it away, all you need is a few strokes of a brush, a hammer or something else and you will have a chair that will shine with a thousand lights. Focus.

Cover the chair with a new fabric

Note that the fabric to cover chair seat is not the same as the one used as linen. The chair cover is made of an upholstery fabric. When buying this textile cover, make sure that it respects the theme of the room where it will be placed, whether it be the colors or the patterns.

Take all the measurements of your chair and, when you cut the fabrics, make sure to add a 1.5 cm margin each time, this will be for the sewing.

Paint the chair

Certainly, this is the simplest but most effective way to restore your old chair. The advice we are about to give here applies in particular to wooden chairs.

If the surface is already painted or varnished, you must start by stripping, sanding (with fine-grained sandpaper, respecting the direction of the veins) and cleaning. To dust, use a damp cloth (clean, of course). If you see any holes, use wood paste to fill them before stripping.

When it comes to paint, use acrylic. But anyway. You can also opt for a spray paint can, if you want. You can start painting when the surface of the chair is smooth. To do this, arm yourself with a roller for the large surfaces (the crosspieces, the backrest, the seat…) and a brush for the details such as the bars, the ears, the uprights… Remember to apply an undercoat before painting for a better adhesion.

After painting, finish with clear varnish. And that’s it, the trick is done.

One more thing: you can also customize the paint with patterns of your choice, designs that will please the whole family, but that will also suit the atmosphere of the room.

Or you can simply use textile printing

You don’t have to think twice to make your chair look good ! All you need is an original idea for the design: it can be a drawing you like and that goes with your interior design, a portrait or other. There are many textile printing techniques. You can choose between transfer, stencil, stamp and others.

Dye sublimation printing is a great alternative to customize and restore your furniture.

You can also combine these three ideas, why not. Please note that the list is far from exhaustive, you just have to use your creativity based on the tips above.