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Coffee: 6 Tips for a good coffee’it is always successful

For start the best possible way to spend your day, a good breakfast is essential. Coffee, found in every kitchen, is surely one of everyone’s favorite drinks. To prepare it remains a art and, unfortunately, a mystery to many people.

The first secret to preparing a new home good coffee The most important thing to remember is to wash the coffee maker well, between one preparation and another, and to use an mix to your liking.

For each palate there are different types of coffee, but to make it successful, the secrets of its preparation are all the same. In this article, we will show you how to prepare a roofing system delicious coffee without making any mistakes.

1) Coffee beans

If you are used to buying coffee beans, you will have to be careful during the grinding. Even if preparing coffee in this way gives it more flavor, be careful where you store the beans before grinding. Unlike coffee powder, unground coffee is easily oxidized. So, buy a container that closes tightly and put it in a dry place.

If in your house, it is warm even during winter, you should put the coffee beans in your fridge, so they will keep longer.

For a softer and more delicate taste, choose a medium grind.

2) Be careful with the mixture

You are sure that you have kept the mixture well? Remember that coffee should be kept away from other foods, but if you have to put it in the fridge, be careful with the conservation. In fact, to maintain the flavor of the powdered mixture longer, you must take it out of its little bag and put it in a container with a hermetic seal.

But sometimes the problem is the mixture itself. Too fine beans lose their composition more quickly, so choose a coffee that is not too fine.

3) The right water

It sounds trivial, but the flavor of coffee could be due to the water used to make it. Once you’ve made sure you have a good mix, check the water. For example, lack of pressure in the tubes or excessive lime buildup could be the cause of a bad tasting drink.

In general, prepare coffee with the water you drink: if you filter the tap water, filter the water for the coffee too.

4) Thorough cleanliness

The coffee pot should never be washed with dishwashing liquid.

If your coffee maker is new, throw away the first few coffees, the next ones will be tastier. Every 30-40 coffees, clean the coffee maker with a small brush so that the holes don’t get clogged and, if necessary, change the lining. If it is very dirty, put the coffee pot on the fire with water and bicarbonate.

5) Don’t rush !

Your day will not change if you spend 1 minute more to prepare your coffee. Remember not to fill your coffee pot to the brim, respect the limit of the valve and do not turn on the fire to the maximum.

The secret is to slowly let the mixture out and thus you will get the good foam typical of a good coffee.

6) Stir before serving

You pour your coffee directly into your cup ? Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, if you leave for a few seconds the drink in the coffee pot and mix with a spoon, it will taste much better, the first part which is more dense will mix with the second one which is less intense.

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