The ideal equipment for baby to sleep through the night

From the ideal equipment for baby to sleep through the night

If there's one question that all parents have in common, it's the question of "What's the right thing to do? when baby is going to sleep through the night ? ". All the more so in this time of pandemic sleep disorders. And there is no need to read the results of the survey conducted by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance to realize this. The level of anxiety and fatigue is still very important in young adults one year after the first confinement.

However, there is no need to give up. There are tips to spend peaceful nights, Tips to help baby sleep through the night simply.

Tip to help baby sleep: choose his bedding

The first step to help baby sleep through the night is to help him create a cozy environment, make his room a real cocoon. To help him sleep well, the choice of bedding and accessories is essential. And there's no question of skimping on quality, comfort and safety.

Exit the second hand articles, the articles must be new for the baby's bed and of quality by betting on the elements of bedding proposed by Babysom. To begin with, there is nothing like choosing a mattress without chemical treatments, favouring natural materials such as bamboo or linen for example. Some models are also removable and machine washable for optimum maintenance. For even more comfort, there are also mattresses for baby with two sides of sleeping: a summer side, a winter side. In any case, there is nothing like counting on a mattress protector, a mattress cover.

To guarantee baby the healthiest sleep possible, install a sloping surface to limit flow, colic and regurgitation. For the first few weeks, the bed reducer will help to reassure and soothe baby, to rediscover the sensations of uterine life in order to help him or her feel better, to sleep better.

Tip to help baby sleep: take care of his environment

Then, for the choice of his room, it is better to choose a living space farthest from the living room so that baby can sleep peacefully. And if his bed is facing the door of his room, the fact that his headboard is against a wall will soothe him. In terms of decoration, there is nothing like using soft and neutral colors, just like the fact of to privilege warm and welcoming materials such as wood, rattan and furniture. When it comes to lighting, it's better to use more light sources than to install a hanging lamp.

Finally, mirrors and baby pictures are not very feng shui.

Tip to help baby sleep: give cues

For baby to sleep through the night, he needs to have his bearings. And, to do this, you must help him to the difference between day and night. It is therefore useless to try to make sure that his nap takes place in the same conditions as his nights. It is better to establish different routines.

For naps, it is better to let natural light enter his room, just as it is not necessary to be totally silent in the house. For his nights, reading a short story in a low voice (reading has many benefits), a nursery rhyme, a cuddle, silence and darkness as well as a nightlight will help him to make the difference, to find his bearings. And above all, in the event of micro-awakenings, it is better to get into the habit of letting him fall back asleep alone.

Of course, in case of crying, it is advisable to check that all is well, to reassure him and then to let him fall asleep again alone without taking him in your arms.

Tip to help baby sleep: spot the signals

Just as we decode the signs of fatigue to go to bed, it is the same for baby. These signs of fatigue like rubbing your eyes or yawning can help you know that it is time for baby to go to bed. These signals are to be observed and taken into account, because they are the perfect moments for baby to reach Morpheus' arms more easily. Of course, there is no need to wake him up for his bottle or to change his diaper.

The idea is to let him sleep and only intervene if baby wakes up for bottle or diaper time. Respecting baby's sleep cycle is essential to help him sleep through the night.