Living room what color paint to choose for your walls

What color to choose for the walls of his living room?

Do you want to repaint your living room walls? ? Choosing the color that will make your room unique is not always easy. The respect of certain constraints is important in order to offer a perfect cachet to your interior. To help you find the perfect shade for your living room, here is a selection of the best places to install an inflatable spa.

The green one

Green for your wall color is an excellent option. Indeed, this shade offers a luxurious atmosphere to your face living room. It is also capable of adapting to all internal decorations.

If you prefer to have the same color throughout the room, choose almond. The latter brings :

  • freshness;
  • tranquillity;
  • softness.

It blends in easily with the surrounding environment’ornament and gives a voluminous look to your interior. To perfect the ornament, you can install glass furniture.

However, if you want to paint part of your wall, opt for emerald green. This color requires a combination with white to create space. Don’t hesitate to add some tonic yellow for a perfect wedding.

The classic blue

Painting your living room walls a classic blue is a good choice. Indeed, this color is very popular and does not go out of fashion. Its natural glow will last for years.

A few touches will bring it back to life.

Classic blue is powerful. It also offers dynamism to your living room and reinforces the atmosphere of your setting. This color gives a spacious visual appearance.

It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a paint that encourages soothing, calm and relaxation.

For Scandinavian decorations, this hue is a perfect fit. Pair it with white to create a unique look warm atmosphere. With this combination, you do not have to force on the lighting.

Also add rustic furniture.

The pink

The color pink on the walls of your living room brings softness and cheerfulness. Intended for solitary ladies, it offers an aspect of peace and tranquility. It can be extended to the ceiling or combined with white or midnight blue.

This hue makes it easy for you to light up your room with its brightness.

A few purple accessories on the coffee table or in specific places will do the trick to enhance the atmosphere. Install on your walls flowery decorative objects to make your room friendly.

On the other hand, be more modern by opting for the millennial pink. It offers an excellent visual effect and can be combined with midnight blue or white.

The gray

Gray is a color with multiple assets. It is very common in houses for some years. Whether light or dark, it gives you the impression of being in a technological living room.

It brings a radical change in your interior when accompanied by the right decoration.

In addition, this shade provides a more pleasant atmosphere joy and confidence for the future. It does not require regular maintenance and does not go out of style. However, you must force the lightning or make a combination with white on the ceiling.

An acid yellow on one of the surfaces will turn the dark page.