4 tips to choose your sideboard

4 tips to choose your sideboard

Apart from a dining table and a china cabinet, the sideboard is an essential element often used in a dining room. It offers enough space for table linens, cutlery, services, etc. It is a very practical piece of furniture to contain the most beautiful objects of decoration.

Thus, it is clear that the choice of the sideboard deserves a judicious reflection. Read this article to know, how to select this impressive element.

Define the use of your sideboard

The daily use you will make of your sideboard is a very important selection criterion. Depending on the use, you will know exactly where to put it. Generally, the kitchen and the dining room are privileged places. However, you can place it in the living room or in your bedroom where it can be used as a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.

Next, identify the utensils you plan to store inside. This first tip will help you to choose the dimensions (low, medium and high) of your sideboard.

Choose according to the right size

To buy a perfect sideboard, it is better to define its adequate size beforehand. From then on, you will be able to choose a high, low or even medium furniture. Know that, the high buffets were more preferred than the other two dimensions.

The deal has now changed. For the sake of convenience, the trend of the moment is turning more to low sideboards. Indeed, unlike the high sideboard which seems cumbersome, the low sideboard allows to oxygenate your room.

Choose between a closed or an open sideboard

What is the ideal choice between a closed or an open sideboard ? The answer to this question is essential in the process of choosing your sideboard. It is important to note that an open chest looks more attractive. But the bad thing here is that your items in it are exposed to dust, and can break in case of bad gestures. And if you have pets, your plates and linens will never be clean.

To fully ensure the hygiene of your utensils, it would be preferable to opt for a closed cabinet. If you want to display your dishes without them getting dusty, choose a buffet with glass doors.

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Opt for a functional sideboard

What would be the use of a dysfunctional sideboard ? To nothing at all ! To enjoy your accessory, you need to make sure it has enough racks for cutlery, cupboards and shelves that are easy to access to store your dishes whether they are fragile or heavy. Favour sideboards with sliding doors to save space in your kitchen or dining room.

Opt for chests that match your interior

In the furniture market, you will find chests of different designs that will match the style of your home. Is your interior inspired by the country style ? A rustic white sideboard with metal handles would work well. If you are a modern style, the white lacquered model with LED lighting harmonizes with your other furniture.

And if you are a fan of the Scandinavian style, you will also find your sideboard.