Kozikaza architecture software for the renovation of your house

Kozikaza, an essential tool for the renovation of your house

Architecture software, kozikaza allows you to create house plans. It is also useful to perform renovation tasks or decoration. Is Kozikaza an essential tool for the reorganization of your home ? See the rest of this guide to discover the different functionalities of the 3-D plan design tool.

The renovation function of Kozikaza: what to know ?

If kozikaza is very appreciated by the users, it is thanks to its renovation functionality. Indeed, the second function of the tool you allows to fit out your old house. Its use requires the activation of GPS or the registration of the location of the house to be renovated. In other words, it must have access to the initial plan of the house.

This way, you can make all the changes you want a few weeks.

For each room of the old house, you will find a large number of furniture items with the. You can choose the size and color of your clothes. In order to save you time, kozikaza offers furniture packages that can be installed in a click.

If you want to modify each of the elements, just double-click on the object. Thus, you can position decorative objects such as lights, curtains, rugs, etc.

Other features of the architecture tool

The kozikaza design software has three main features. There are construction or design, renovation or remodeling and decoration. For each of these functions, it is the tool itself that guides you.

The design or the construction

This is the first feature of the kozikaza design software. Indeed, the execution of any construction project remains the drawing. The tool provided for this purpose elements that will allow you to lay out the plan of your house.

You are also free to design your land or choose a predefined shape. Thereafter, you can define the number of rooms with their dimensions, windows, doors and shutters.

Using the software is quite easy to build the plan of your future home. The work Most of the time, it consists in copying and pasting the objects proposed by the tool. However, you can double-click on the objects at any time to make changes.

Please note that the drawing is more easily done in 2 D. You can then switch to 3D to visualize the attic of the plan.

The decoration function of Kozikaza

Finally comes the last step of any construction project: the decoration. This architectural software function focuses on floor and wall coverings. For the interior, kozikaza offers several colors for walls, furniture and accessories to refine your future home.

Indeed, you have the choice between tiles, parquet of different styles or carpet for the floors.

Regarding the exterior, you can opt for a wooden cladding of two forms (horizontal or vertical). For siding styles, there are clerestory, shingles or wood slats. However, the tool offers you other alternatives such as a plaster, a stone or brick wall.

In addition, you can choose the color you want for each material that will form the exterior of your home.