Moving advice, focus on cotransportation

Moving advice, focus on cotransportation

Plan to move soon ? Moving can be a source of stress, as you will have to think about many things at the same time. It takes a lot of planning and organization. Fortunately, this article offers you several tips that you can apply and that will certainly facilitate your move.

Collect the things you no longer want to use and sell them on the internet

The move is an opportunity to seize for sort out in your belongings. This is also the place to get paid for the work you will have to do before the move. In other words, you have the opportunity to put aside everything that is no longer useful to you at all and to proceed to their sale on small internet sites of advertisement and sale.

Ideally, you should post your ad a few weeks in advance on these sites, in order to have the necessary time to sell your goods. This way, you won’t have to move them unnecessarily.

Start packaging as soon as possible and go gradually

Always upstream, it is good to start to pack as soon as possible possible. As such, you will be able to start putting in packages, the things that are not no daily utilities, so that you don’t have to unpack them before the actual move. The advantage of starting as soon as possible is that you can take your time and go at your own pace so that you don’t forget anything you need to pack. What will be left as items, you can pack them during the last days.

When it comes to the clothes in your wardrobe, you will only need a few plastic bags to store them. Thus, you can collect all the clothes hanging on a rack, which you will arrange in plastic bags. It is a technique that saves you time and avoids having wrinkled clothes after moving.

Once everything is packed and put away, on moving day, you can use a moving company for a cheap move.

Opt for a co-transportation service

The cotransportation is a technique that allows to optimize the loading of the vehicles. In other words, the empty space available in a truck, or other type of car is used to transport objects. It is a technique that is similar to carpooling, but unlike transporting passengers, it transports objects.

This technique allows you to easily move all furniture, parcels and packages at reduced cost.

Best of all, in addition to being an economical solution, it is also a great way to save money ecological solution, because this technique reduces the number of trucks on the road. This way, fuel consumption is reduced and the carbon dioxide rate emitted by the trucks is greatly reduced.