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The different types of nets to install at home

Adopting the mosquito net on doors and windows is an excellent alternative to the traditional screen’use of insecticide products. This installation is largely more economical and healthier than bug bombs, it is especially effective in keeping mosquitoes and other pests out of your home. To benefit from its advantages, it is important to choose the right model.

The different mosquito nets to install at home

To do this, you must consider certain parameters such as the type of screen you want to install’How often they are opened, how often they are used, the level of humidity, and the type of insect that is present’exposure to mosquitoes, but also the ease of installation. Some types of screens are more suitable for small openings like windows. To find the ideal model for your home, you can contact a custom window screen specialist to check the different types of screens that can be installed in your home.

According to your needs, different types of nets will be offered to you :

  • Roll-up screen, there are two types of roll-up nets. The vertical roll-up model is suitable for windows with little traffic. It rises and s’easily lowered as needed. The side roll screen is more convenient because it is not mounted on a frame’there is no need for the’lower. It s’It can be adapted to the types of windows by sliding on the door’with the help of lateral guides. Roll-up screens are easy to install.
  • the fixed frame screen, for very exposed windows. This model can be offered in kit form or to be composed by you according to the desired dimensions. The fixed-frame screen can be installed on the window or door’window frame, corners and’It can be installed on a half-window or on the window frame. Its installation is done with profiles, 4 pieces of mesh, and a’The curtain is made of a roll of fabric, preferably fiberglass. It is enough to cut the profiles according to the dimensions, then to fix the whole thanks to a joint.
  • the self-climbing mosquito net, This model is the easiest to install, but also the most economical. It is dedicated to windows with temporary exposure to pests. Start by measuring the size of the door’the frame of your windows. Cut out the self-climbing strips to attach them. Finally, apply the glass cloth and cut the frame of your windows’overhang with a cutter.

Types of screens to install on doors and patio doors

The mosquito nets to be fixed on the doors are recommended to constitute a barrier to the various flying insects, in particular the mosquitoes. They are especially useful for popular in rural areas where the’exposure is high. Which screens are suitable for doors and windows ?

The curtain screen

Little constraining, it takes the form of’It can be used as a curtain by being composed of slightly overlapping strips. This type of door screen is advantageous in that it guarantees an easy passage, while remaining always well in place. Easy to install, the curtain screen is fixed on a high profile which is cut to the width of the window’opening.

Once the profile is screwed in, all that is left is to cut it to size’to glue the strips. Be sure to overlap them for more comfort’efficiency and safety’aestheticism.

The pleated screen

The pleated screen can be folded. It is space saving and easy to handle. This type of’It is mounted on an aluminum frame that is fixed to the panel.

The pleated fiberglass fabric then slides along the outside of the window’The screen is mounted on a guide on the floor and is closed by a screw’to help with the installation’a magnetic profile.

The pivoting screen

This one works like a swinging door. It is placed on the door’the outside of the door’a door of’entrance. Equipped with’With a handle that makes it easy to grip, this screen is easy and convenient to open.

It is fixed on a pivoting frame and is screwed directly into the wall at the entrance’hinges help.

Insect screens to be installed on a sliding window

Insect screens for sliding windows allow you to protect your home from pests throughout the year’year, day and night. They are equipped with two handles for easy opening and closing on both sides. This type of’installation of mosquito net s’The curtain screen is suitable for all sliding windows.

There are two leaves to be placed in the outer window frame. The fabric is fixed on an aluminum frame and the assembly is done by interlocking. You can adjust the dimensions by cutting the profiles and the fabric.

In summary, there are different types of mosquito nets to install at home (windows, doors, bay windows), depending on your needs and your budget.