11 Health Problems Your Nails Reveal

11 Health Problems That Your Nails Reveal

While the men to cut your nails, the women tend to put polish on them and take care of them with a complete manicure, they are nails. However, putting nail polish is not harmless insofar as nails reveal our health status.

In fact, like all parts of the body, the nail is the most important part of the bodynails are to be watched. Indeed, they can be an indicator in case of deficiency, hypothyroidism, fungus and etc. Stress, pollution, manicures and exposure to toxic products also damage our nails, so we must take care of them and not hesitate to moisturize them when using a hand cream.

As stated by the American website Health, having zinc in your diet is a good idea resistant nails is not only convenient for your manicure. It is also a way to know if you are in good health.

Here is 8 types of nails and their significance for our health, as well as physical as psychic !

1.Yellow nails

Yellow nails can be caused by too much nail polish, smoking and taking certain medications. But yellow nails usually indicate a fungal infection like nail fungus. It can also be a symptom of kidney disease, diabetes, psoriasis, lung disease or a thyroid disorder.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor to rule out these pathologies.

2.Brittle nails

If your nails break, you probably have an iron, zinc or vitamin B deficiency. Make sure you have a diet rich in nutrients. Foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B are oysters, cocoa, cashews, lentils, beets, broccoli and wild rice.

3.Damaged nails

Damaged nails are generally caused by deficiencies in iron, zinc, vitamin B and A or mineral salts. But also by a trauma or health problems such as thyroid problems, psoriasis or cardiovascular disorders. Nails are made of keratin, which contains proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water.

You must therefore have a good diet to have strong and resistant nails.

4.Grooved nails

Having ridged nails can be a sign of keratin production disorders in the nail related to old age, zinc deficiency, psoriasis, cardiovascular problems or hormonal disorders. They also indicate a weakened immune system, so consider a healthy lifestyle if you have these types of nails. You are advised to consult a doctor to rule out any serious pathology.

5.Nails with a dark line

If you notice a dark and distinct line on your nails, it should alert you and you must consult a doctor quickly. Unfortunately, this dark line is usually a sign of melanoma, a type of skin cancer that can quickly become invasive if it reaches the dermis.

6.Biting nails

Nail biting is one of the most common obsessive-compulsive disorders. This toc characterizes a difficulty to fight against stress and a real anguish. Nail biting is not without risk. In fact, it offers an access to bacteria and germs.

Thus, those who bite their nails are more likely to have a plague, a fungus, digestive problems and damaged tooth enamel.

7.Blue nails

If your nails are blue or have a black spot, it could indicate either a hematoma caused by trauma to the nail or a tumor. Dark spots on the nails can indicate the presence of melanoma. Do not hesitate to go see a health professional if this is your case.

8.Nails with white spots

If you see white spots on your nails, it may be due to dry nails, lack of protein, trauma or psoriasis. Start by applying a nourishing oil such as sweet almond oil to rehydrate your nails. If you do not see any improvement after a few days, contact your doctor.

9) Swollen nail beds

Why the skin around the nail is swollen ? According to On Health, an irritated nail means that there may be an infection in progress or simply that the nail has become embedded in the skin. In fact, when the nail fold swells, it can also be something to worry about: a symptom of lupus or other connective tissue diseases.

10) Wavy nail or nail with pointy depressions

According to WebMD, nails with a wavy surface are not only synonymous with fungus, but could also be something else. In fact, nails that are not smooth and have spiky depressions may indicate that you have psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. In addition, according to Mercola, wavy nails can appear at the same time as discoloration.

11) Hippocrates’ fingers

Hippocratic or pestle fingers are caused by a progressive bone deformation that occurs in many chronic diseases. If they occur, it is advisable to consult a doctor because you may suffer from serious diseases such as: lung disease, heart disease, gastrointestinal and hyperthyroidism, vascular anomalies of the affected arm, thymoma and thalassemia.

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