8 Ways to Recycle Your Old Towels

8 Ways to Recycle Your Old Towels

Recycling the old towels This is an idea that no one ever thinks of. We all have tattered towels that fill our cupboards in our house.

It’s time to reuse them and especially to transform them into something useful!

In fact, we must admit that recycling old towels brings a certain satisfaction. First, we save money and then, we let our creativity run wild for practical purposes. Finally, we can also involve our children in our cleaning activities creative recycling, which fills them with enthusiasm!

Let’s see how to recycle old towels lying around the house.

They may be useless in the bathroom but they can be useful for many things.

1) A new potholder or oven mitt

Take a cardboard box and shape it as you wish (there is no limit to the fantasy). Cut two pieces of fabric in the shape of the cardboard and assemble them with a thread and a needle. You can then make them decorate with ribbons, buttons, colored fabrics.

You’ll see how useful this potholder will be when dealing with dishes, pots or pans that might burn you!

oven mitt

2) A soft toiletry bag

Why not try to make a practical pouch for your makeup?

We all know that these products can stain the inside of our toiletry bag. But, if we stuff it with an old towel, we can then sew a Velcro strip comfortably wash it in the machine. All you need is a needle and thread and a little imagination to decorate our kit with ribbons, bows or sequins.

To “close” the cover, the less skilled can sew a Velcro strip on it, while the more adept can sew small buttons or a zipper.

toiletry bag

3) A colorful blanket

By sewing several towels together or by bordering a single towel (as you can see on the picture) with a few seams, you can get a nice cover. It can be useful in many ways: like blanket to lay on the ground for a picnic, Place it on the floor for the kids to play with, or lay it on the table to protect it when you’re working.


4) Prevent drafts

Rolling up a napkin and by tying the ends with ribbons, you will obtain in a few minutes a door curtain.

Place it in front of windows or doors to protect your home from drafts if your insulation is not perfect.


5) A glove for scrubbing

The old towels can also be useful for our beauty rituals! Cut a napkin into the shape of a glove and sew the two parts of the fabric together. You’ll get a useful glove for scrubbing and removing dead skin cells while you shower.


6) Mats for dogs and cats

You have a pet ? So make little mats that your pets can use to keep you company.

Please make sure your mat is the right size so that your little pet can be comfortable!

dog mat

7) From an old towel… to bath slippers!

You see those comfy terrycloth slippers that are often found in hotels, wellness centers or at the pool? Well, we can easily make a pair. All you have to do is make a pattern from a cardboard box and put your towel on it to cut out the fabric.

To assemble the pieces, all you need is a thread and a needle, and that’s it.

You don’t have to be a professional sewer!

bath slippers

8) A mop

Cut a small towel in the shape of an H and sew 2 small pieces of Velcro tape at the top of the H and on the other side. You can fold the towel and use it to clean your floors. The towel is machine washable and can be used again until it falls apart.


It’s up to you..

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