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Buying a parking space: Is it profitable? ?

Buying a garage and renting it is the most cost-effective solution !

A garage or parking space represents a valuable resource for those who live in the city, also given the limited number of secure public parking. If you do not find a house equipped with’a garage or a car park’If you have a parking space in a condominium, you can choose to rent it’buy or rent an outdoor garage or a car box.

C’ is why the demand for pits and parking spaces is constantly increasing and more people are choosing to rent’invest in such a solution. In this article, we will see :

  • How to buy a garage, tips
  • how much does a non-covered parking space cost
  • garage bonus 2018
  • how much you make by renting a box
  • where to find a garage for sale

Useful tips for buying a garage

Have you decided to’buying a garage as an investment ? It is important that you choose a city wheres’It is difficult to find a parking space.

In fact, the more the availability of secure public parking spaces is low, the more demand for garages and parking spaces for rent and, therefore, you can be sure that your investment will be profitable.

Consider the area where you decide to rent’invest in a box to put it on income: you will have to prefer central or semi-central areas of large cities, where parking is scarce and the number of boxes relative to houses is limited.

It also carefully assesses the presence of offices in the surrounding areas, especially in the city of Milan’it s’is areas poorly served by public transport and that’it is not’There are no parking spaces available.

Finally, you will have to exclude areas that have developed in an urbanistic way in the last few years – they will have enough car boxes – or those where new parking lots have been built.

Parking space in condominiums

Whether you are looking for a uncovered parkingprice or a garage in a building of’apartments, you will need to consider the cost of operating the box (condominiums), which are usually contained.

Today’Today, there is a s increase’supply of parking spaces and a constant decrease in prices , with peaks of more than 30%. These phenomena are due in part to the spread of carpooling and the use of the Internet’increase in ztl areas. It is not’It is not surprising that in the city we can always do without the garage, preferring alternative solutions with a granular appearance that reveals the color of the building’use of personal cars.

All major cities have experienced a gradual decline in the price of parking’buying a garage : Genoa, Florenceand Palermostand out, whose prices since 2013 have fallen by 33.5%, 29.6% and 25.7% respectively. It resists Naples, where the’purchase of’a garage remains an established habit, with the value of these spaces decreasing by only 1%. A Milan Also, the price drop is small compared to the rest of the country’Italy: -6.8% compared to an increase of more than 20%.

So, on average, how much does a parking space cost ? This will depend very much on the city in which you decide to make the investment’invest. In Naples, for example, buying a garage is very expensive: the average asking price is 46,800 euros. Bologna also has very high prices, on average 35,200 euros are required.

Verona, Turin and Florence offer “lower” average prices, which s’stop below the threshold of 30 thousand euros.

Bonus Garage 2018

The 2018 budget act provided for tax benefits for anyone who buys or builds a garage, box or parking space, even a condominium. The “garage premium 2018” involves an Irpef deduction on expenses incurred for the’purchase or construction of’a place in which to park your own car.

The garage bonus 2018 can be claimed:

  • s costs’purchase of boxes and parking spaces relevant and already completed
  • for the construction costs of’There are many who choose to invest in a carport or parking space, even in joint ownership, provided that they have the necessary funds to do so’They are relevant to a business unit’Housing.

In order to take advantage of the garage bonus, it is therefore necessary that the’parking space be relevant to the house. For what’there is relevance to a , the garage will have to be intended to serve the’The “garage premium” implies that you have to pay for the use of the garage’It is not necessary to have a garage’(e.g. to belong to the same building). In addition, all costs incurred to demonstrate the constraint of relevance can also be deducted.

Renting a box: how much does it cost to gain ?

There are many who choose to rent a property’ investing in a car boot or garage. Buying a parking space and renting it is in fact much more profitable than renting it’an apartment, and the data confirms it. In the big cities, the rental of’a car box allows you to earn a gross percentage of5,9% , while the rental gain for a two-room apartment is 4.6%.

The fees that you can claim in major cities range from 150 euros to 180 euros for a garage box because in the most sought after urban areas.

Small towns or suburbs are also very profitable, with earnings ranging from €40 to €70-80 for the rental of’a parking space.

Accounts at hand, therental of’a garage You can afford to buy an apartment’get an annual gain of 2000 to 4000 euros in the city center, while in the suburbs around 700 euros. In the big cities, where the required rents are even higher, it is possible to rent an apartment’up to 7000€ per year for a box in the central areas of the city.

Buy a garage and rent it out’ This is why it is the winning choice: given the high demand for this service, it is possible to have a garage in the same building’to invest in the’purchase of a box’a box and rent it at a high price. In this way, you can quickly recoup the cost of your investment’money invested in the’purchase.

Where to find a garage for sale

The choice of garages for sale is wide, you just need to know how to search well among the various offers published on the Net. Those who need’save money’money on the’purchase can take advantage of real estate auctions , which also with regard to the category of properties we have dealt with offer real opportunities. There are plenty of garages or parking spaces for sale at real prices: since’it s’acts of’Since leasing is a “forced” sale made to satisfy creditors, the base price is always less than the market value.

The growing spread of portals that organize online telematic auctions offers those seeking car for sale is a great convenience, since the bidder can submit his offer directly from the home or PC office, avoiding the costs of the auction’go to the place of the auction of the court itself.